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Over 90 percent of women who take time out from paid work want to return later. But 95 percent say they would not return to the same employer! 

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Work is trending toward a flexible, customizable, realistic approach that recognizes that people have commitments outside work.

Moving in and out of the paid or full-time workforce to accommodate life changes —commonly referred to as off-ramping and on-ramping or “sequencing”—is becoming more common. While some workers want or need to stop work entirely for some period of time, others would prefer not to off-ramp entirely but just downshift in the face of growing out-of-work responsibilities, and then ramp back up as pressures lessen. Instead of funneling any employee who needs to slow down toward a career dead end, wise leaders anticipate these lane changes and collaborate with their employees to forge custom-fit work arrangements that go the distance.

Advice for Employers

  • Stay connected to off-ramped employees. Assign a mentor at the company to keep in touch with them, offer to pay to renew their licenses for a set period of time, and offer them contract work opportunities if possible.
  • Reel in the talent. Go after employees looking to re-enter the workforce by offering job fairs or recruiting efforts directed to their needs. Then offer them support once they’ve started working again to ease their transition. You won’t be sorry you did.
  • Customize job and career tracks. Take apart stodgy plans that dictate a set number of years to partner or tenure, and instead build something more flexible.

Advice for Workers

  • Keep in touch with your previous employer. Nurture the friendships you made on staff with lunches and dinners, or through social networking sites.
  • Keep your skills current. Stay on top of technological advancements, business literature, and market trends.
  • Attend professional conferences and workshops to improve your industry knowledge.
  • Do volunteer work that improves an organization’s bottom line or enhances your leadership skills.
  • Take continuing education classes to refresh skills or learn new ones.