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The Custom-Fit Workplace
Check out this practical, inspirational guide for making the workplace more nimble, trust-based, and profitable. Packed with vivid stories of real people, The Custom-Fit Workplace is an indispensible handbook for managers, workers, and executives who want to break free of outdated, one-size-fits-all ways of working. Thoroughly grounded in research and cutting-edge designs, The Custom-Fit Workplace makes the case for today's workplace to buy-in - or risk falling behind.


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CustomFit Workplace blog

The CustomFit Workplace blog is part of the Open, Flexible Work blog. It is a place where workers, managers, educators and Human Resources professionals can share their insights and questions. The views expressed in this blogs aren't necessarily representative of the initiative or of policy positions. Interested in blogging? drop us a line

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#FoodFri Tweetchat: If you can't sell it, why advertise it?

Join @MomsRising and @PreventObesity this Friday, 4/18/14 at 1 p.m. EST / 10am PST for #NoMoreJunkAds, our #FoodFri tweetchat focused on creating a healthier school environment.Parents scored a huge victory last year when we won the Smart Snacks rule. Now snacks sold in school vending machines and a la carte lines must meet nutrition guidelines during the 2014-2015 school year.However, no rule is currently in place for what can advertised in schools. Advertising and marketing to children in schools requires special consideration because the food industry is reaching children in an environment where parents have little or no oversight or ability to consent, and because students should have a learning environment that does not include messages that undermine nutrition and health education.Our positions is...

No More Mad Men Pay!

Equal Pay Day was last week—but really, we should be talking about this every day, not just on April 8.

I love the AMC hit show “Mad Men.” But I don’t love Mad Men-era pay. You can’t smoke in the office any more, but you can still pay women less than men.

If women were asked to work for free for three months of the year, it would be an outrage. But that’s essentially what happens to the average working woman, who is paid just 77 cents on the dollar of a man’s pay. That average woman didn’t see her full year of 2013 pay until April 8, 2014—Equal Pay Day.

The Equal Pay Act has been federal law for more than 50 years—but at the current pace of progress, it will take another 40-plus more years to close the pay gap between men and women.

Who suffers because of the pay gap?

—Women: Over a lifetime of work, the pay gap costs the typical working woman more than $400,000.

Funny video clip?

Take Action!I love those images in magazines as much as anyone else -- you know, the images of the mother lightly skipping through the field of flowers with her laughing children. And yeah, once in a while I’ve had a field of flowers moment, but mostly motherhood is something else, something more real, more gritty, more laugh-out-loud funny, and touching. There is joy, frustration, and funnier-than-I-ever-imagined-possible human comedy in the very long-term project of raising children. Yes, there are also the other experiences: The bloopers. Those moments when our children fall asleep in the spaghetti bowl, or when our pets are extra cute with our kids, or when… you know what I mean! *Do you have a funny--or touching--short video up your sleeve?  We want to feature short video clips from real moms, dads, grandparents, kids, babies, and even pets! Have a funny or touching moment you caught on video like your child refusing to potty train?  The miraculous first steps, the calamity of a teenager’s room, or have a story about a mom who inspired you, sage mom to mom advice?  We want your short video clips!

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