there's plenty of evidence

Find it hard to believe that working flexibly, virtualy, or in a high-commitment work environment is smart business practice?

There’s plenty of evidence that “If you give an inch of work-life support, employees will give you back a mile of productivity.” Here are some studies that look at the effects that flexible and customized work arrangements have on business outcomes such as attracting talent, earning employee loyalty, motivating and unleashing employee performance, cost reduction, and improved financial performance. We look at the benefits that accrue to both the company and employees to see that it’s truly a win-win situation.

Research on the benefits of work-life programs in general and flexible work arrangements in particular shows that businesses have much to gain from implementing policies and practices that allow their employees to fit together their work-life puzzles. The benefits accrue in these areas: attract and recruit talented employees; retain committed workers and build loyalty; engage and motivate them, unleashing their performance; cut costs; and improve financial performance. How improvement in each of these results from flexible, customized work arrangements is described in each of these studies.